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   We are a online chess and card game company with more than 10 years of history. Our Company is founded in 2011 with our headquarter based in New York, USA,which is committed to providing the best real money game experience for players around the world.

   During last 10 years, we have cooperated with the most prestigious international  chess and card companies on projects. With our collective efforts, especially the technology team provides us with professional and strong technical support which help us achieved a leapfrog progress. We have developed over 10,000 games and sports betting games, from Slots to Live dealer games and In-house classics.Up until now, we have reached total 500 million players around the world !

   Obtaining a casino operating license in Curacao, we will continue to work hard to develop well. We are confident that we will occupy a certain major position in the global gaming market and be recognized by players around the world !


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Why Choose US


Our company obtains Curacao casino operating license, 100% legal and compliant.


All the company's games use the encrypted Hash algorithm to ensure the privacy of players and the fairness of the game.


The company has released more than 10,000 games, including Board Games, Slots, Live Online and Sports Betting.


Our platform accepts 11 mainstream legal currency. Besides, virtual currency and visa, paypal etc. 20 payment methods are also accepted.

Top Ranking Games

1. Color Prediction

It is a game which need you to predict the next colour and put your bet on it. If the result is same as your bet, then you will get the amount double.

2. Dice Guessing

Easy and fun game as it is, guess the points of the dice , guess the right numer ,matched the number and win the double amount.

3. Wheel Matching

Spin and Win big, spin and get the desired respect times of your bet money ,get your desired money amount that you deserved.

4. Slots

Big wining , Fast turnover. Spin the game and if the picture match accorrdingly and 3 photos macth in line ,win the tripple of you bet.

Our Reviews

Abhilash Engineer

Hey, really thanks Fonice Group that makes me my dream come true. About 1 year ago, I am still the ordinary commuter which drag myself to my office with a small amount salary. By accident , I was referred by my friend Maria and I start to play the game.At the beginning, I play this just want to vent out my tiredness and never imagined it can change my life. After few months of play and I become more and more competent ,and I have earned around $6000 in this year June which is tripled my salary.Thanks again and really changed my life totally.

Helic Property Agent

Frankly speaking, the customer service I experienced in Fonice Group gaming platform is the best experience that I ever had. I ran into a sign in problem because I forget my password and I keep trying to key in the password. And with no doubts , my account is being banned for too many attempts. Frustrated and annoyed , I seek help for the customer service. Firstly,the agent comfort and apologize to me even is not their fault, and I felt so touched and they also patiently give me professional experience guide me step by step to solve out the issue. Again ,really thanks for the FoniceGroup professional customer team.

Jason Marketing Assistant

I definitely love the games that produce by Fonice Group.Not only because its awesome game features but also due to the fairness and its security I have experienced during last 3 years. Form me the game security and fairness are much for me while choosing the games. As I have met some lousy games which I have won and they never allow me to withdraw the amount. However, in Fonice Group I never met this kind of issue and I always I can withdraw my money every time I am planning to.

Danile Shop Owner

Through all the real money game I played,the game platform under FoniceGroup is considered the best game company that I have ever met. The company is a professional gaming company with years of profound experience. They provide various and abundant games ,every time I play and enjoy it very much. Besides ,the 24x7 customer service is really helped me a lot and patiently guide me form A to Z. Again ,Really thanks for the effort that FoniceGroup made.

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