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15 Best Tricks in Color Prediction Game

There are many colour prediction game platforms are currently live in the web. We have to choose the right platform before investing our money. Even if it is Rs.100/- or Rs.1000/

We have analysed many colour prediction game platforms in the below manner.

  1. Minimum recharge, 
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What is WinGo Colour Prediction Game?

A simple game, you need to predict the next colour and put your bet on it. If the result is same as your bet, then you will get the amount double. If it wrong you need to predict again and bet.

There are three colour and 10 numbers you can bet with. The below chart will explain you the profit details.

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18 Tricks of Wingo Colour Prediction Game

1. One number will not come back!

If violet colour comes in any dragon, then the same colour will be arrived behind that. For example if you see a violet in red dragon, then the same red colour will be arrived after the violet. 

2. Dragon May End When Violet Comes.

Decrease the betting amount in a dragon after seeing a violet colour. If you are chasing a red or green dragon, you should stop or decrease the betting amount if violet colour arrived. Because violet colour may stop the sequence and start with new one.

3. If Violet Comes In A Dragon.

If you see that violet colour comes in any red or green dragon, then the trend will be end soon.

4. Think Negatively Before Making Bet.

Everyone will think as you think

If you strongly believe the next colour will be green, then put your bet in red colour. Because the largest number of bet will be lost. So, always think negatively and bet opposite what you believe. 

5. Every Sequence will be broken in a Middle area.

See the below examples, 


As you can see the above, every sequence will broke in the middle and again it will be continued again.

6. Mirror Happens Many Times

See the below image for example of mirror sequence.


Understand the mirror trends and use them wisely.

7. Mirror sequence will end up earlier than usual

Mirror sequence will not always end in a perfect place like the below,


Sometimes it will b ended up before or after 1 sequence 


8. Number 7 will come before / after number 1

If number 1 arrives, then number 7 will come after or before that. 

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9. Use Triple Investment

Triple investment is one of the better way but you must consider where to start, make sure the trend is very short and few of violets can make the trend unstable.

Unstable trend is the best option for triple investment

10. Sequence will end up before / after then usual 

Every sequence will not end up in a perfect place. It will be end before then its actual place.

11. Which Number will be next after violet?

Try the same number as came before violet colour.

12. AABAA – You know what will happen in this?

Take the B is your centre point. Bet on the same colour what already came before your centre point.

13. Put the same Colour Next.  BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBAA

Many times the same colour will be repeated after the dragon.


14. Same Colour will come in all the Channels.

If you predict same colour will come in more than 2 channels. Then put the same colour in all. 

15. Play in All the Channels 

Try to play in all channels at the same time, it will save your time and increasing your predicting knowledge.

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