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5 Things to Consider before Playing Real Money Games

1. Optimize code:

Optimization ensures the smooth working of the app. As money is a factor here, no one wants the app to chop while they are playing. If this happens, then you are the one responsible for their loss and then you have to pay them the amount.

Moreover, people expect everything to be done in seconds. A well-optimized app will start in just a few seconds and thus it will make the users happy and satisfied. If one of your queries taking 5 sec to respond & the same query after optimizing it responds in 2 sec, then it really matters when you have a large number of users playing at a time.

You can effectively optimize the user interface by following the steps below:

  • Focus on the user interface
  • Emphasize increasing app usability
  • Use profiling tools to monitor
  • Try and test
  • Check the mobile app’s efficiency

2. Select the best payment gateway

Will you save your money in any bank or will you choose a well-known bank and the one that you trust?

Of course, you will choose the one that is well known and trusted by you. The same goes for users who will use the payment gateway selected by you. Money is a sensitive topic and if the user is even 1% unsure, they will not go forward with the payment.

In the market, you will find many options for it but you should select a payment gateway that is more common to the normal public so they will easily trust and do the payment. Therefore you should choose the best payment gateway with maximum payment modes. Having most of the payment modes will make it easy for the user to use whichever payment mode they find suitable and safe.

3. Ensure highly scalable servers

Highly scalable servers will help your app in handling a large number of users at a time. This is the most important thing that you should consider as if your server is not scalable then when you hit high traffic, at that time your game is going to crash and this is something you will never want to happen.

If this happens then not only you will lose money, you will also lose users as they will be disappointed by your app. App crashing is the worst thing that can happen when using an app.

If your app is not even able to run properly, then how do you think that people will trust you with money and will buy your gaming chips? This will be really bad for you and will highly impact your business. Therefore, you should ensure highly scalable servers so that you can provide the best service to the users.

4. Easy and quick payout option

It will establish a wrong impression if your coin-cash system is smooth and straightforward, and when it comes to cash withdrawals, the process is as hard as running a 10 miles marathon. The main reason why the users have downloaded your app and are playing games and spending hours using your app is that they want to earn money, and therefore the payment/transaction process should be simple and should not be more than 3 steps. The users will work hard while playing games, but they should not feel the same while they try to have their hands on their hard-earned money. The game experience that the users want is that they should be able to play their favorite games, they should be able to use their skills to earn money, and then they should be able to withdraw their money easily.

5. Backup Retention Policy

Once your game is live this is the most important step to secure your users’ data. You should do daily backups for user data and you should also keep a manual backup using online disk storage or other services of at least a week’s data.

If anything goes wrong and you don’t have the backup, what will happen to the chips of the data? You should have an account of all the chips and user data. Therefore you should ensure that you have a proper backup retention policy.

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