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6 Sure-Win tricks for making fortune on Fishing Game

One of the most addicting games in the world of gambling is fish tables and BetVision fishing game is one of them, which bring players a lot of fun and fill their pockets with big money. However, the game has easy rules that even a newbie can quickly master all the necessary techniques.

For your game to bring you big money with minimal risks, you should carefully read the types listed below, which are ideal for both professionals and beginners:

1. Choose the game that suits you best

Even though the Internet has many varieties of online fish games to offer you, not every one of them may suit your taste. It should be noted that in the course of the game, you do not receive money, but coins, which you can then exchange for your prize. As a result, players often lose enthusiasm and end up wasting their precious time. Make sure the game wins meet your requirements. Pay attention to the interface and the rules of the game. You can also initially try the demo version if such an option is available to you.

2. Shoot the fish with small scores

Check carefully which fish bring what number of points.  Each game has its way of scoring, but usually, they range from 1 to 100. Try to shoot fish with fewer points. Then it will be easier for you to get coins.

3. Observe the speed of the fish

Often, the smaller the fish, the slower it moves. Typically, it will be easier for you to spread them, although they give quite a few coins. Big fish give you big rewards, but they increase your risk of misses, and you end up wasting more bullets and more time. That does not apply to bonus fish, for which, regardless of speed, you will have to spend a lot more ammunition to defeat them.

4. Shoot the fish when they gather at swarms

If the fish are strong, it is not very expensive to shoot at them randomly. Better to wait for the right moment, and when the fish enters the swarm, shoot. That will significantly increase your chances of winning. The main thing in this strategy is patience.

5. Don’t shoot hidden fish

While playing fish table games, you could often spot fish hiding under rocks or seaweed. Even though, according to the game’s rules, every hidden fish killed increases your winnings by 30%, they are extremely challenging to shoot. So, inherently, you run the risk of losing a large number of bullets and time trying to shoot these dodging fish.

6. Shoot big fish if you have a lot of bullets

This strategy is only suitable for those with a considerable reserve of money.

If you have a lot of money in your account, shooting small fish will be a waste of time. To increase your win rate, you should hit the big fish. For this, the best option is to use large bullets, making it easier to shoot them. Although you will spend a lot more fish, shot targets will quickly cover your waste.


Unlike other casino games, fish table games require a lot of concentration and a well-thought-out strategy. Although the game rules may seem very confusing at first glance, you have to follow a few tips, and then you will surely please yourself with a big win. You need to pay attention to which fish to shoot, which bullets to use at a particular moment, and most importantly, how to correctly calculate the point system in your head in the game to increase the efficiency of the gameplay. After mastering all the rules, this game will give you a lot of joyful moments.

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