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Most Popular Indian Online Games

Mobile smart devices like smartphones and tablets are becoming so commonplace these days that it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that mobile gaming is on the rise. More than just having mobile smart devices, more and more people are gaining access to high-speed mobile internet as well. This means that now, more than any other time in history, it’s very convenient for anyone to play games online. You can be playing with friends who live on the other side of the world as long as the two of you are connected to the internet at the same time. Aside from that, tech companies are really innovating in the way that they deliver both hardware and software components to online gamers.

Another reason why the market is thriving so much is that there is no shortage of gamer types. Game developers understand that while certain genres may reign supreme, there are still niche gaming markets that need to be satisfied. For example, the most popular games include first-person shooters like Call of Duty. However, there are also niche games like chess or online gambling that many people all over the world still engage in. In fact, the online gambling market in India was at its peak all throughout the pandemic-ridden 2020. This is mostly due to the fact that live roulette or poker games online were able to simulate the fun of being in an actual casino while people stayed at homes.

As we make our way through this list, we will talk about some of the most popular online games that gamers in India have been playing lately:

Players Unknown Battleground

In the mid-2010s there was a heavy influx of battle royale-style games on the market and very few of them were as popular as Players Unknown Battleground or PUBG. It’s a game that originated on the PC, but it got so popular that even a mobile version of the game has been developed for public use as well. The idea of the game is to have players thrust into a small map as they battle it out to the death with whatever weapons they find.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Back when computers started rolling out to the mass market, there were only a handful of games that the public mainly had access to. One of those games was Counter-Strike. These days, gamers play a more modern iteration of that classic game. It’s consistently one of the best-selling games on the Steam gaming platform. It’s a first-person shooter and it’s the game that is largely responsible for popularizing the genre to begin with.


Considering how long DOTA 2 has been around, it’s a wonder how this game manages to stay so popular among many. In fact, the game is so popular that it’s probably the most profitable e-sports game in the world. Many gamers devote their entire professional lives to training for DOTA 2 events. People have literally built careers off playing this game. One of the reasons that it’s so popular in India is that it’s a team-based strategy game. The added layer of teamwork and synergy makes the game a lot more compelling and interesting to many gamers online who are looking for social interactions with others.


Football remains to be one of the most popular sports in all of India. That’s why it should be no wonder that the premiere football simulation game FIFA 20 is consistently among the top games that Indians are playing right now. For decades now, the EA Sports FIFA franchise has been the go-to video game for football fanatics all over the world. Each year, the graphics and the gameplay just keep getting better and better.

Clash of Clans

At this point, Clash of Clans can practically be considered a classic, considering how long it’s been on the market. The idea of the game is to create a clan of up to 50 people. Then, clans go into battle with other competing clans for game supremacy. Winning clans are then rewarded with either gold or elixir — both of which can be used to upgrade their clans’ buildings and defenses. It’s a classic strategy game that has managed to captivate the hearts and minds of millions of Indian citizens.

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