Q & A


How to deposit?

  1. Find the『My wallet』 page, click the deposit page, copy the wallet address, or scan QR code for payment.


  1. Use From Alcoin to deposit the 150 cryptocurrencies provided by Changelly.


  1. Quickly deposit and withdrawal directly from the cooperative wallet.



1.Can I deposit with for example a card and cashout in Bitcoin?


Unfortunately you can only cash out via the same way as you deposited. In other words if you for example use Skrill as a deposit method, you have to withdraw to Skrill, and won’t be able to withdraw to for example Neteller or to a card. The money has to go back the same way as they came in to your account.


2.What happens if my deposit is not showing?


If your crypto deposit is now showing, this most likely means that it has not yet been confirmed in the blockchain, or that your wallet has not yet sent the funds, you can always check the blockchain to see if your transfer is visible there, or ask the support if you need a hand with this.


3.How long does it take for deposits for show in my account?


For Fiat currencies You won’t have to wait at all. Deposit processing and account crediting are done instantly, meaning you can start playing our games right away.


For cryptocurrencies, this depends on both how many transactions are waiting currently in the blockchain and on the fee used to transfer the funds with, however in most cases this is completed within a few minutes.


4.What happens if I sent my deposit to another address or if I deposited lower than the minimum amount?

As we do not have any access over the actual transfer being made(this is done via the blockchain and miners) , funds that are sent to another address or below the minimum amount are unfortunately lost.


How to withdraw

find the『My wallet』page, open the withdraw page, enter the address of the wallet you need to withdraw and the amount of cryptocurrency (pay attention to the fee). After clicking the confirm button, the cryptocurrency will be transferred to your wallet (pay attention to the corresponding cryptocurrency).




Minimum Withdraw amount

Because the value of each cryptocurrency is different, the minimum Withdraw amount is also different


1.How long does it take to deposit and withdraw?

Each transaction on the blockchain requires several cycles to confirm the transfer has been recorded successfully.

Generally speaking, each transaction requires 5-10 minutes before it can be confirmed by the blockchain network.

If you encounter any problem during deposit or Withdraw, you can visit www.blockchain.info to check your transaction, or contact technical support.



2.Before Withdraw, how many confirmations is required on my deposit?

To withdraw, your total deposit requires at least 3 verifications. You may check the current verification progress information by clicking on the deposit link in the cashier page.


3.Where do transaction confirmations come from?

All confirmation information comes from the wallet supplier, the blockchain and miners.


4.How long does it take to confirm a transaction?

It depends on the blockchain and your transfer fee. It might take 10 minutes or several hours.


6.What are the rules to withdrawing my balance?

Before a withdrawal is allowed to be made your deposit has to be wagered at least one time, this means that the amount you have deposited needs to be played for once.


If the deposit is done via a cryptocurrency, then it has to be wagered 1 time.


7.In which currencies can I deposit and withdraw?

We support the following “FIAT” currencies: EUR, NZD, CAD, AUD, NOK, USD, RUB, CNY, PLN, JPY, BRL.


And also the following “Crypto” currencies: BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, DOG, USDT.


8.What are the fees on deposits and withdrawals?

There is no fees on withdrawals and for some deposit methods there is a 2.5% fee, you can see a complete list of this on our Payments page.

9.What are your minimums on deposits and withdrawals?

The minimum amount we allow you to deposit is €20 or 0.00109 BTC (1.09 mBTC). For deposits in other currencies and minimum withdrawal limits, kindly refer to our Payments page.


     10.How long will it take for me to receive my money once I request a withdrawal?

We always aim to process withdrawal requests instantly and over 90% happen that way,  but that will depend on the method used for deposit. Our average cashout time is of 10 minutes and for more information on processing times, please visit our Payments page.

1.What should I do if my game hangs or there is a problem?

If you encounter any technical problem while playing our games, please try to refresh the game. Normally it will work after refresh. Should the problem persist, please contact us.

General Questions


You can use our site in accordance with the laws of the country that you reside in and play from. Please note that it’s your responsibility to ensure you abide by the laws of your country when using 22Bet.


Mint game does not impose fees on users. However, the local tax authorities in your country might have laws in place regarding either winnings from betting specifically or capital gains in general, which stipulate that you’re required to pay tax on your winnings.

Please note that it’s your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the tax regulations in your country with regard to any winnings or funds you withdraw.


If you don’t want to receive any promotional emails from 22Bet, you can unsubscribe either in your account settings or by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the last email that you received.


4.Are the games fair?


Of course they are. Some games from BGaming even have a Provability Fair function so you can easily verify this yourself. Just click the ‘Provability’ button on the right edge of the screen whilst playing one of those games to access the provability widget.

Games from other providers have fairness guaranteed by the curacao gaming commission which we hold a license from.


 We are based on the Ethereum smart contract. All data and core logic on the blockchain are transparent, and manipulation is not possible. Every single transaction on the blockchain can be tracked on etherscan. The fairness, openness, and justness of us gaming platform are guaranteed.


5.What are your hours of operation?

Wild Casino is open for online wagering 24/7, 365 days a year. Account Management is also available 24/7 to ensure maximum support for our clients. You can contact us by sending an email to cssupport@wildcasino.ag.





Account Related Questions 账号问题


1.How do I create my BitStarz account?


All you have to do to get started is click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the upper left corner and fill in all the required fields. We’ll then pop you over an email where you can verify your email address using the verification link we send you. Once all this is done, your account will be fully active.


2.Can I exchange currencies in my account?

Funds that are already on your account cannot be converted into another currency.


3.Can I have more than one account?

No, it is only allowed to open one account during your lifetime, even if an old account is closed down, you would have to request this one to be reopened as no new accounts can not be created.


4.Can I change my registered email address?

No. Unfortunately it’s not possible to change your email address.


5.How do I add another currency to my account?

Simply go to your My Account page, click the ‘Add Currency’ button and select the currency you want to add from the dropdown menu.


6.How can I switch between currencies?

There are two ways of changing the currency on your account, you can either have your mouse over the currency at the top right of the site and change it from the dropdown list, or you can click on “Select” from your profile page on the one you wish to have active.


7.Am I required to upload documents and why?

Our top priority is to make sure that we keep all our players safe and we take this very seriously.

If you are playing with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins you will not have to provide documents as a standard. However, we do reserve the right to carry out additional verification if we believe any suspicious or fraudulent behaviour has occurred on your account.

If you play using a fiat currency such as EUR. We are regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority and they request that we collect these documents on certain cases on behalf of our players to create a safe and regulated environment where you can fully enjoy the website.


10.Can I permanently close my BitStarz account?

Yes, although for security and statistical reasons, BitStarz.com cannot delete your account.


If you wish to close your account permanently then please contact support@bitstarz.com, along with a brief explanation as to why you want to leave BitStarz. By doing this, your account will be closed forever and you will be unable to re-open it again. Please note, that you will not be able to open a new account either.


2.Can I register on your website?


You must be at least 18 years old or reach the age of majority under your jurisdiction. You must be permitted to play online games by the laws applicable to you. For more information, please read our terms and conditions.

Games might be addictive, and players are advised to be self-control


  1. What if I forget my password?


If you forget your password, you could reset it within 15 seconds through our “Forget password” link. After applying for password reset, please follow the instructions in the email we send to you to reset your password.


  1. I have lost my mobile phone. How do I reset my Google authenticator?


If you want to remove your Google authenticator 2FA, please contact us. After we receive your application, for the safety of your account, you are required to answer several security questions correctly in order to remove the 2FA.


  1. Can I change my username or registered email address?


Sorry, but we are not able to update this information. If you insist on changing your username and/or registered email, we suggest you close the current account and register a new one.


  1. How do I become a VIP?


The exclusive VIP club is by invitation only. After you embark on your journey of the game, you will be notified of your VIP status by email soon.


Can I Change My Username?




To log in to your account, you will need a username and a password. For your username, you may use your email, or your account number.


This account number is unique and was generated when your first signed up. It cannot be changed.


You can check your username by following these steps:


  1. Click on My Account on the top bar of the site


  1. Select “Profile Settings”.




  1. You will find your User below “Personal Info”. It will start with the letter W followed by numbers.


If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will be happy to help you.


I Don’t Have Access To My Registered Email Address


Losing access to the email you registered with can present a few challenges in regards to your account.


You can continue to login using your email address as long as you know your password, however, you will not receive our emails with upcoming promotions and bonuses you can take advantage of. Also, sometimes we might use your email address to contact you regarding your account, which is why your contact information should be up to date.


If you lose or forget your password, you will not be able to get the link to reset your password. However, you still have a few options:


  • Regain access to the email address if at all possible.
  • Update your email address.


How To Update Your Email Address:


Contact our Customer Service Team through email.


We will verify your account information, such as your name, your phone number, and your address, all which were requested of you at the time of registration. With this information we will be able to validate your account security and confirm your identity.


Afterwards, our team will be able to update the email address for you.


If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will be happy to help you.




Account Security Related Questions

8.Are you GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) compliant?

That we are, if you wish to get more details about it, you can find it in our terms under point 3)PRIVACY POLICY.


9.How can I make sure my account is fully protected?

There are a few steps you can take to make sure that your account is as safe as it can be.


     Is my money safe?


At Wild Casino, all customer deposits are held in an insured escrow account, either in cash or cash equivalents. Your deposit is fully secured and available for withdrawal on a daily basis, with prompt payouts within 24-48 hours. All online transactions are coded and encrypted for your protection.